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Kanchanjunga Base Camp Trekking

This route was opened to trekkers in 1988, though people have trekked in the area in connection with mountaineering expeditions since the turn of the century.

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Langtang & Helambu Trek

Langtang is situated north of Kathmandu Valley, bordering Tibet, whilst Helambu Valley lies north east of the valley, bordering Langtang.

Everest 3 High Pass Trek

This is one of Nepal’s most famous treks, set amongst breathtaking high mountain scenery.

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Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

The hidden stronghold of Annapurna Base Camp (also known as Annapurna Sanctuary or ABC)is no exception making it one of the outstanding trekking experiences in Nepal.

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Kathmandu Valley Rim Hike

This trek is ideal for those who do not have much time for a longer expedition or are on a family adventure.

Annapurna Trek with Rafting & Safari

This low-altitude trek enables you to enjoy the breath-taking scenery of some of the highest Himalayan peaks.

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