Annapurna Circuit Trekking

October 19, 2021

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Shaun Serraris Macloughlin (British)

Couple Traveller

“The oldest trekker at 79”

With the caring, considerate and knowledgeable support of the superb guide, Laxman (“relax man”), I accomplished this beautiful, culturally interesting and challenging circuit. Laxman recommended I hire a horse for the last day and half to surmount the pass at 5416 metres (17,000 feet), which I did and much enjoyed the horse’s company. On the day of the pass we left at break of day so the horse could see its way and left it at the top of the pass and made our way down 1600 metres (5250 feet) to the Hindu pilgrimage village of Muktinah. After about 1000 feet my legs got progressively more wobbly and Laxman continuously and tactfully helped me. I could not have made it without him. I am also very grateful to Sujita at Trek Nepal who on a daily basis informed my partner of my progress and put her mind at rest. I should also recommend our assistant (girl) guide and enthusiastic porter, Mari. Who cheerfully carried an enormous load.

Thank you to Trek Nepal and Laxman in particular. Not only is he steadfast guide but he is also working with an NGO to bring volunteer doctors and nurses to remote and poor parts of Nepal.

November 25, 2016


Couple Traveller

“Langtang and Annapurna Circuit Treks”

We were looking in Thamel to hire a reliable porter for the Langtang trek and stumbled upon this company by chance. We got so much more out of it.

The owner, Gobs, quickly set us up with transportation and a porter from their company at a very reasonable price. Binod, our porter, not only did his job fabulously as such but also practically became our guide throughout the Langtang valley. He knew the route perfectly, communicated with local people when problems arose (landslides were constantly blocking roads and trails, some of the villages in Langtang were abandoned and locals would inform Binod beforehand, etc) and he would even serve as the teahouse waiter. We expected a porter and Binod turned into our guide to the himalayas.

After Langtang, we had had such a good experience with Trek Nepal that we decided to hire Binod again for the Annapurna Circuit. Again, he did his job flawlessly and we had the experience of our lives. As multiple problems arose concerning transportation, Binod was there to assist us and negotiate with locals. He did his job professionally and respectfully of our space and sensibilities.

After the treks we were received by both Gobs and Binod at their office and gave us a proper Nepali farewell.

Me and my husband couldn’t be happier with choosing this company for our first time traveling around Nepal. We highly recommend it.

November 11, 2016

Julie (Deutsh)

Solo Traveller

completed the Annapurna Circuit with TrekNepalInt’l in December 2016 with Pramad as the guide and Dinesh as the porter. I had the most amazing time. The trek was stunning in landscape, rewarding in views and an overall enriching experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions with local people, which Pramad and Dinesh facilitated. The happiness and warmth they portray is admirable and hugely infectious.
Both Pramad and Dinesh were really knowledgeable and never grew tired of answering my many questions. I feel I learnt so much about the local people and culture, and the country as a whole.
Every evening Pramad joined us after dinner and explained the plan for the next day, giving me a good insight of what was expected. During the day, we took small breaks here and there and shared our snacks.

I found both Pramad and Dinesh very kind and caring, taking an interest in my experience and always ensuring I was well and had everything I needed. When suffering from diarrhea, they brought natural medicines and always checked in.
I couldn’t recommend either the organisation or Pramad and Dinesh highly enough. Everything was done with such care, gentleness and care. Booking with locally owned companies also supports the local economy, which is essential for a country that is so dependent on tourism, besides the enriching experience of having a local guide and porter. I look forward to doing my next trek with Pramad and Dinesh.

October 7, 2016

Ian Burke (Irish)

Solo Traveller

I recently completed the Annapurna Circuit with Trek Nepal International and had a truly wonderful time. Promad, our Trek Nepal guide was outstanding and looked after us very well. He was courteous and professional at all times and very knowledgeable on the region. We had a porter called Dinis who was a pleasure to be with, always with a smile on his face and something positive to say. Every evening Dinis would bring us some fruit after our dinner, just one of the many ways he looked after us. Both had really good English and shared aspects of their life, giving us an insight into Nepali culture. We started the trip as complete strangers but I feel we finished it as friends. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending either Promad or Dinis for anyone looking for a guide or porter.

Prior to booking with Trek Nepal, I thought about doing the Annapurna Circuit as an independent Trekker but having travelled with Promad and Dinis through their amazing country I realise now that this was the making of the trip. I’m already dreaming about my next visit to Nepal and will go with Trek Nepal again and of course Promad and Dinis if they are available. I would encourage anyone considering doing a trek as an independent trekker to think again about not only the special experience trekking with a local guide and porter can be but also the important contribution you can make to the Nepali tourism industry by booking with an Nepalese company. Thanks Promad, Dinis and Trek Nepal International for an experience of a life time.

Ian Burke

October 7, 2016

Liam Andrew Robertson (British)

Solo Traveller

“Annapurna Circuit 2016”

Fantastic organisation from start to finish. Met at the airport and even dropped back there after our trek and a day spent in Kathmandu.
Our guide Pramod was superb and never strayed from our side the whole trip even when we were ill. Our porter Dinis deserves a special mention as he was as good as a guide and had all the information we could ask for as well as being the happiest most enthusiastic person on the circuit. There wasn’t a person he didn’t speak to or make happy. Pramod and Dinis arranged a special birthday surprise for me which was very memorable and will stay with me for the rest of my life.

A fantastic company with fantastic staff.

September 29, 2016